The Treasure Garden was started by Northern California native Monica Renee 

who, at first, only made paintings and jewelry for fun:


​"Since  I was very little, it was evident that I was CREATED TO CREATE. From getting in trouble in elementary school class for doodling to taking fashion design classes in college, I have always felt most content and at peace while drawing, painting or creating something special.

My creativity is kindled by a passion for the simple + peculiar. Finding perfection in imperfection, my designs mimic nature's organic form in their irregularity, contrasts + unexpected details.

This is evident in all of my creations, paintings and jewelry.


Over time, I've realized that I can use my passion not only for fun and gifts, but to inspire a wider audience and to make a living. God's gifts to us are meant to serve a purpose. It's up to us to put it to good use!


It's not easy turning the craft you love into a business, but if you can gather up the courage and the energy, it can be well worth it. Here's to those who know they were created to create

and are willing to take the leap!"

Thank you for stopping by.